Company Profile

SnapilyPro is an innovative 3D printing service

SnapilyPro is an innovative 3D print service for graphic artists and creative minds who want to deliver cutting-edge 3D design. Design your own printed projects in one of the supported file formats with 3D and Flip effects, and SnapilyPro will print and ship your one-off proofs, through your short-to-long runs.

We offer quality and flexibility

  • Great quality 3D printing
  • Any quantity, even one
  • Affordable prices, from $6 per print
  • Design your own product
  • Shipped within days to worldwide destinations

We're doing cool things

SnapilyPro has worked with some of the leading Hollywood studios to deliver promotions through our unique 3D virtual environment and our patented personalized 3D print service. We’re doing other exciting things like printing 3D images of branded products, and even 3D images of baby ultrasounds!

Our origins — we've been doing 3D since 2002

SnapilyPro is a service by HumanEyes Technologies, an award-winning company, doing business since 2002, and the leading software solution provider for the creation and printing of 3D and 2D effects for graphic artists and printers.

The team and our partners

HumanEyes Technologies has leveraged its extensive patent base and its expertise to launch SnapilyPro. The company is driven by a talented team, with worldwide expertise in mathematical algorithms, computer graphics, printing software and lenticular printing. Our offices are located in the US, Japan and Europe, and our partners are leading printing companies such as Kodak, HP, Oce and Fuji Film.

Our technology and patents

HumanEyes uses patented mathematical algorithms packaged into easy-to-use wizards to help professionals create unique 3D images and enhance their files for optimal depth-illusion results. The company holds about a dozen patents and patent applications in this field.

How do we print 3D? Lenticular printing explained

Lenticular printing allows the creation of a hologram-like illusion of depth and of animated effects in flat images. It is a complex and sensitive process that pushes the envelope of today’s printing and software technologies. The process begins by rendering a set of views and combining them into an interlaced image.

The interlaced image is then printed and attached to a special sheet called "a lenticular lens". Lenticular lenses are designed to create an illusion of depth, or to change the viewed picture as the viewing angle changes. We are the only company in the world for online, personalized, small-run, 3D lenticular prints!